“Now More than Ever, the MLK”

It is extremely difficult to highlight all of the programs and services provided by the MLK Community Center.  We hope that this video, which premiered on April 6, 2017 at Swing into Spring, effectively depicts the impact of the MLK within the fabric of the Newport County community.

“A Day at the MLK”

This video premiered April 14, 2016 at Swing into Spring, the Center’s annual fundraiser. From sun-up to sundown, the MLK Community Center is a place of hope and help for nearly 3,000 residents of Newport County, with hunger services, education and community programming offered each day.

We are grateful for the talents of dedicated volunteers Zulekha Ludwig (also an MLK Center trustee), Jeff Kerr, and Lisa Kerr who created the video, and helped us share our story.


“Are You With Us”

This is a volunteer-produced video created during the winter of 2014-15 that was first unveiled at Swing into Spring 2015. It represents the first video profile of the organization and its hunger relief, education, and community programs.

Special thanks to the incredible volunteer team of Zulekha Ludwig,  Julia Ludwig, Karen Vigurs-Stack, and David Dougherty for all their help shooting and editing this video.

More to come! Be sure to visit this page again for more in-depth looks at our various programs.